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What’s in a name? A lot!
December 18, 2016
Revelation 5:11-14

It matters a great deal what we think about Jesus. We often think of a baby in a manger, especially around Christmas time. Perhaps even as a good little boy growing up – or a man, a teacher or rabbi in Israel. Jesus has over 100 names and titles in Scripture. He is our Sovereign, our Savior, our Shepherd, our Sufficiency and our Song.
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The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Why is it important to believe?

March 27, 2016
1 Corinthians 15:1-11 & 1 Corinthians 15:51-58

The question has been raised. "What if Christ did not rise from the dead?" What are the implications for the Christian faith? Can we still belive in Jesus? Why is the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead so important for the Christian faith?

The Quiet Confident Life of Trust
Part 3 of 3

March 20, 2016
Psalm 37:8-40
Meekness shows strength of character. It demonstrates our ability to trust in God. Our attitudes and choices reveal our heart - whether we trust God - or that we still depend on ourselves. In the end, when God is in control of our life, He will bring peace to our life even in times of trouble.